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Danish higher education features innovative teaching methods and an informal learning environment designed to promote creativity, self-expression, analytical and critical thinking

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Students in Denmark are expected to play an active role in their own learning process. Apart from attending traditional lectures, students enlist themselves in project work and are determined to cooperate in open discussions among teachers and fellow students.

The style of teaching is all about pushing the boundaries, Volunteer yourself, Teamwork , Apply critical thinking and turn new information into inventive solutions. Be enthusiastic, Study in Denmark.

Project work & problem based learning

As a student in Denmark you will attend lectures, study independently and Initiate projects – on your own and in groups of students. These activities will challenge you to think willingly, to use your inventiveness and be visionary. They will also give you exposure of using your new knowledge to solve tangled real-world problems.

It is a key component of education in Denmark. PBL build up the student’s new skills through problem-based group projects with the teacher as an expert, and sometimes in joint effort with a company to work on physical-world problems. In addition to project work, Danish instructors often have maturity as working expert, offering students a helpful practical perspective. Moreover, many Danish educational institutions are collaborated with local companies and public managements for research purposes, and many programmes offer students internships and hence work experience.

Exchange/Guest Students

Many universities participate in international and friendship exchange programmes, and this includes the Danish Universities. If you wish to study in Denmark as an exchange student you may contact your home institution to find out about your exchange agreements. If it is not possible for you to come to Denmark via your home university, you may contact the international office at the Danish institution of your interest.

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