Working in Denmark

The Danish labour market is constructed and regulated in a way that ensures you the most productive, flexible and secure working conditions possible. The Danish labour market is internationally known for its ‘flexicurity model’. A mix of the terms ‘flexibility’ and ‘security’, this concept refers to a welfare state model that combines a flexible labour market with social security for all workers. Most labour market issues are settled by employers and employees rather than by law.

Work-life balance

The Danish working culture is based on collaboration and personal responsibility. Everyone is encouraged to contribute with ideas and the atmosphere in the Danish workplace is professional but also casual.

You will find that both the working culture and the regulation of the labour market in Denmark will give you the opportunity to balance a career with family life. Work-life balance is important to the Danish workforce. This might be one of the reasons surveys find the Danes to be the happiest people in the world.

"It's totally acceptable to say "I've got to get the kids". In fact I'd say that people would find it strange if you didn't". (Ken Cordes)

Hear Ken Cordes tell how he experiences the Danish work environment, Danish management culture and the Work-Life balance.

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